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Tournament                             KUMPOO LAPPEENRANTA OPEN

Organizator                             Willimiehen Sulka (Wilsu)

Tournament days                    16-17.2.2019

Location                                  Lappeenranta Sportshall

Address                                   Pohjolankatu 29

Manager                                  timo.alho@lut.fi


Events                     MSV, WSV, MDV, WDV, XDV (Elite)      
                                MSA, WSA, MDA, WDA, XDA,                
                                MSB, WSB, MDB, WDB, XDB,                 
                                MSC, WSC, MDC, WDC, XDC,                
                                M and W 45, 55: Singles, Doubles and
                                BS-GS 17, BD-GD17

Restrictions                             No restrictions

Shuttlecock                             Kumpoo

Registrations until                  29.01.19

Draws                                      07.02.19

Fees                                         Elite: 40 €, others: 30 €, Juniors: 20 €



Check the special offer of the hotel Sokos Hotel Lappee below.

TOURNAMENT HOTEL                                        

Sokos Hotel Lappee 



                80,00 € / one person / night

                90,00  €/ two persons / night

                16,00 € / night, adult extra bed

Prices include breakfast and sauna

There is a limited amount of rooms and if you want to have that price offer make your reservation by 8th February: lappee.lappeenranta@sokoshotels.fi or phone

 +358 (0)10 7621000. Be pointed the competition “Eliittikisat/sulkapallo, reservation number 26689189.

Tournament sauna is open on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Please use your towel from the room.





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